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Tzedakah means 'rightous behavior' or 'justice'.  As part of their Jewish studies, Flora and Adele are encouraged to tikkun olam (repairing of the world) by volunteering their time to a cause important to them.  Flora is working to de-stigmatize menstruation as this topic is connected to her Torah portions.  Adele cares deeply about immigration and newcomers.  The Torah commands just treatment of the stranger no less than 36 times,  far more than it commands Jews to observe any other law.

From CBI...Rabbi Tarfon said, “You are not required to complete the work, but neither are you free to abstain from it.” This quote expresses the Jewish value of working to help those who are in need. Congration Beth Isreal expects b’nei mitzvah students to have completed at least 18 hours of volunteer work before the date of his/her bar/bat mitzvah service. CBI encourages students to choose “hands-on” projects that involve personal service. 

Flora's tzedekah project is focused on de-stigmatizing menstruation.  She is doing this two ways--1.  Hosting Zoom meetings with younger female bodied people to talk to older girls about what is happening to their bodies and share their experiences, tips, tricks, and supporting people in feeling good about their changing bodies.  2. She is creating period packs, small packs of menstruation products kept in teachers' rooms, so students don't have go all the way to the nurse to get needed products.  She also plans to donate to over 1,000 ads to the Webb Community Resource Center, a community outreach group that provides wraparound services.  

Adele's tzedekah project was creating a student led organization to welcome new students to Kealing Middle School and help them adjust to middle school life.  She's named the club "Student Ambassadors" and she hopes to keep it going despite moving on to high school next year. 


Adele and Flora prefer not to receive gifts. In lieu, they would be delighted if you are able to donate to these charities in their honor. We also understand if you would like to gift the Flora or Adele something meaningful between y'all.  It's up to you to choose how you would like to honor Flora and Adele. Just know, your presence is our present-and physical gifts are not necessary.    

Flora's Bat Mitzvah Project

Adele's Bat Mitzvah Donation Request

  • Refugee Services of Texas helps welcome refugees, immigrants, and other displaced peoples and supports them in integrating and thriving in their new communities.  This charity fits exactly in the spirit of Adele's Tzedekah project.  You can donate at their site here:

  • One Fair Wage is an organization working to support hourly wage workers, in particular service and restaurant workers who rely on tips.  Adele loves good food and cares about the well being of the people who make it.  This charity was brought to our attention by Adam, a Beth Israel congregant and the co-owner of our favorite restaurant, a neighborhood Italian place called, L'Oca D'Oro.  It was also where we were going to be having our (now cancelled) Friday night event.  Adam is passionate about paying his employees a living wage and also changing his industry to support living wages.  One Fair Wage has an emergency support fund to help workers in crisis due to the current pandemic: If you are able to donate, please drop us a note and let us know.

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